How IoT is Changing the World

08 mar 2018

Industry 4.0 refers to a model of production and business management. The elements that characterize the phenomenon are: connection between physical and digital systems, complex analysis through Big Data and real-time adaptations.

In other words: use of machinery connected to the Web, analysis of information obtained from the network and the possibility of a more flexible management of the production cycle.

Videos of the event

Nino Guarnacci

Customer Connected Experience + Demo: Pro-Active Service Care with IoT

The 4th industrial revolution is redesigning the ways customers are being engaged by companies.

Cloud market’s continuous growth is increasingly “democratizing” the access to the different technologies and consequent benefits.
An agile and innovative approach to business processes is, today, the most important competitive parameter.

The talk will be a descriptive manifesto of the technological trends that are most impacting on this transformation, with a particular focus on the business processes involved.

We’ll close our meeting with a practical demo on Pro-Active Service Care use case with the use of Cloud, Chatbot, AI, IoT, Voip, CRM technologies.

Antonio Rizzo & Luca Pisani

DO IoT – The Industrial Platform for Edge Computing

We will introduce UDOO, its story in the Makers word and its relationship with the Industrial production. We will present the current state of development of DOO IoT with a focus on the Edge solutions thought an example, The Franke Cloud Hood presented at the Salone del Mobile in  April.

After this brief and intense meeting we will deal with beer and pizza to continue to chat about the fabulous world of IoT.

The courses will be held in Italian with the slides in English, for more information or to receive the material, subscribe to our group on facebook: IoT Xperts Roma or contact us.


Nino Guarnacci

Nino Guarnarci he has participated in several community of developers and solutions on different topics.
He also teaches for several masters courses such as Big Data for Luiss, Digital Transformation for “La Sapienza”, Smart Manufacturing for Sole24Ore and is an active member of Federmeccanica in Task Force for Industry 4.0 In his free time also startuppers and bookwriters.


Antonio Rizzo

Antonio Rizzo is an ordinary professor at the University of Siena where he teaches Cognitive Sciences and Technologies and Interaction Design.
Co-founder of UDOO, President of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics.
Director of the Arsnova Academy of Arts and Digital Sciences.
Member of the Working Group 30 of NATO on Human Factors and Human Reliability.
Member of the Scientific Committee of the French Government’s Incitatif de Recherche sur l’Education et la Formation Program (PIREF).
Coordinator of the working group on Human Factor and Transport Safety of the State Railways.
Liaison of Apple Inc. for the process of dissemination of the User-Centered Design in the Apple Design Project.

Luca pisani

Luca Pisani is a Technical Team Leader with expertise and experience in software development and hardware hacking.

Now focuses on embedded solutions and the development of Android applications


The photos of the event

The conferences are held in Rome at Luiss Enlabs– a beautiful venue kindly sponsored by Codemotion. It’s right outside Termini tube station, the main Train station of the city.




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