How IoT is Changing the World

29 March 2018

According to some estimates dated October 2017, the Internet of Things market in 2023 should be worth almost 200 billion dollars (compared to 16 billion in 2016),

thus making it one of the most important and strategic sectors of the hi-tech world.
this workshop is dedicated to those who approach for the first time those who have already heard of the IoT world.

In other words: use of machinery connected to the Web, analysis of information obtained from the network and the possibility of a more flexible management of the production cycle.

Videos of the event

Claudio Botta & Domenico Barra

Introduction to the fabulous world of IoT and blockchain

In this event we talked about:

  • Introduction to the IOT world
  • How digital transformation transforms information into actions, creating unprecedented economic opportunities
  • How the IoT combines operational technologies and IT systems
  • How business processes are transformed to evaluate and solve problems
  • Communication models: Lora, Sigfox, NB-IoT, etc …
  • End-to-end IoT case study
  • Blockchain: what it is and how it really works


The courses will be held in Italian with the slides in English, for more information or to receive the material, subscribe to our group on facebook: IoT Xperts Roma or contact us.


Claudio Botta

Claudio Botta, CEO of Bway is a strong passionate of all technologies and of IoT in particular. He’s a deep knowledge of IT market, thanks to its long experience in the Banking sector and the first-hand experience earned since he and his partners founded Bway in 2004.

During this 14 years of work Claudio’s company have become a reliable maker of both hardware and software, specialising its offering on IIOT‘s Safety


Domenico Barra

Domenico Barra is cto and co-founder of AdamanticIoT solutions and blockchain aimed at information systems architectures.

After a long career as a business integration consultant, he worked in anti-fraud and business intelligence.

The photos of the event

The conferences are held in Rome at Luiss Enlabs a beautiful venue kindly sponsored by Codemotion. It’s right outside Termini tube station, the main Train station of the city.




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