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We are returned with some change and new events.
A new series of events on which we will dedicate ourselves to 4 meet-ups.

 We have chosen to follow a precise leitmotiv to connects the 4 meetings, analysing IoT projects from an industrial vertical, dedicating more time to PoC and technical information provided by some of the most innovative italian companies.


Smart Entertainment at Home is the field of use of IoT among the most present on the network. The number of companies working in this area is greater than in other fields.

This sector is growing rapidly and already counts many successful startups, not to mention the large companies including Google, Philips and Amazon.

October 3rd, 7.00 pm at Luiss Enlabs, Rome


All the solutions to put the citizen in a position to have easy movements, good availability of innovative and sustainable public transport.

To achieve these results, travel planning and route optimization and intermodal transport systems are needed, systems that allow mobile payment or booking, Car-to-Car Communication (C2C) and Car-to-Infrastructure (C2I) technologies but also integrated management systems for car sharing, bike sharing, van sharing.

November 8th, 7.00 pm at Luiss Enlabs, Rome


The factories are changing, from the steam engine to automation, from information technology to the digital transformation that has ratified the transition to the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

Industries are increasingly digital and interconnected through the use of big data or cloud computing to improve working conditions and increase plant productivity and quality.

February 7, at 7.00 pm at Luiss Enlabs, Rome



Enhance the Made in Italy food and to accompany the Italian agricultural companies in the internationalization processes, to have new tools to defend against the widespread counterfeiting of products and to make the supply chain more efficient in all production processes with new forms of digital collaboration among the suppliers, processing companies, distributors.

March at 7.00 pm at Luiss Enlabs, Rome

Past Events

IoT Experiences from Industry 4.0

The 4th industrial revolution is redesigning the ways customers are being engaged by companies.

Cloud market’s continuous growth is increasingly “democratizing” the access to the different technologies and consequent benefits.
An agile and innovative approach to business processes is, today, the most important competitive parameter… Learn more

How to run a Digital Transformation

A new study by Cisco presented at the IoT World Forum on 23 May 2017 shows that over 60% of IoT initiatives stop at the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage and only 26% of companies have had a IoT initiative that have considered a complete success.

The reason of these failures is due to various factors… Learn more

How IoT is Changing the World

According to some estimates dated October 2017, the Internet of Things market in 2023 should be worth almost 200 billion dollars (compared to 16 billion in 2016),

thus making it one of the most important and strategic sectors of the hi-tech world… Learn more



Where The Magic Happens

The conferences are held in Rome at Luiss Enlabs– a beautiful venue kindly sponsored by Codemotion. It’s right outside Termini tube station, the main Train station of the city.



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